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Hola! I'm from Argentina, and this livejournal had two purposes: private life and graphics.
I'm more active in my tumblr~ so go check it out!

My old icons and graphics are for public use, but all my life is locked. My main interests are Ninomiya Kazunari, Arashi, Morning Musume, Oda Sakura, Takeuchi Akari, Hello!Project, manga, and I'd definitely love sharing love stories and commenting on them, but if you really want to talk to me an inbox message is better. I'll probably friend anybody who speaks to me~ I'm a vet student. I'm obviously a Spanish speaker but my LJ English. Because of reasons.
Nino auch

Random balloon memory.

I remembered that time we had to inflate balloons for a Sports Festival, but I was scared of the pop and also I felt like it was smothering me, filling the air in the balloon. It didn't make sense but I was so mad because I could do a lot of other things and nobody let me. It's not that I didn't want to help.
Nino auch


I need to stop going without sleeping to work. I'm already yearning returning home. How was it in Japanese? My brain doesn't work 'kay.  THE exam +  The Strain = not a good combi. I'm so going to nap today.
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Never thought I'd be this happy watching a World Cup. This team struggled, grinned, left everything in the field even in the Group stage, but today I have to study a lot so I wish I could do a better entry because they deserve it.

Whatever happens, Argentina I'm so proud. The people here are so happy.

My reaction in the penalties was kinda like this: I was standing, telling each player something like "come on you always do this, you can do it, please do it come on, it's you and you can make it" lol. Each gol that went in was a freaking loud GOL LPM GOL GOL. I was already crying a little in the 2nd gol, but when the fourth came I totally lost it and starting bawling like a baby. SO FUCKING HAPPY.

Oh yes and I also have a super crush on Lavezzi. He is so pibe de barrio.
Nino auch

No R.I.P. ....not yet!!!

DAMMIT. My favourite, bestest, prettiest WHITE blue. ;_; I'm not sure what happened. It's fucking sky blue now and I'm so sad omg, I sound so shallow but it was the beeeeeest. And now it's sky blue omg. </3

I kinda mourned it but....there was also a sock you see, and said sock was also sky blue and I got it in lavandina and now it's white. I am now doubting if it was ever sky blue....were my eyes were playing a trick on me? ack. X(

Anyway it's been like 2 HOURS and the idiotic washing machine is still on dammittttttttt. I turned it off and I couldn't open it and then I paused it and couldn't open it and and aaaaah. So frustrated. Plus I'm poor and buying a new one these days is so hard, and it was pretty cheap -I got it from Kevingstone and it was cheap for that brand-. Ack, and there's no guarantee I'll find something similar.

It's just all so tragic. ;_; 
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Made by laniii, super cute, you need to have one so go buy it:

It makes me happy to receive letters, especially from another country lol. Kinda like when Tamaki talks about Japanese stuff (ouran), I get like yay!! letter!!! Can't blame me, unless it's for payment everyone uses e-mail.

But anyway, I'll thank Lani again, and you people can't miss the magnets, yay so cute! <3
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